French artist selection criteria

The artist selection criteria used here are meant to be as precise and objective as possible. As a general grounding, the selection considers the number of exhibitions in recognized venues over a set period (4 or 7 years).

In order to be included, exhibitions must satisfy the following conditions:

  • -have taken place during the timeframe covered by the study (1987-2020);
  • -be solo exhibitions: in order for an exhibition to be considered a solo exhibition, it must run for at least three weeks and showcase at least three works or a large-scale installation
  • -have taken place during the artist’s lifetime and less than 25 years after their first solo show, as the study is only concerned with artists who contribute to “the art of the now” and not with artists belonging to The History of Contemporary Art.

    Note :
  • -In the case of a travelling solo exhibition, only the first two stages are taken into account.
  • -As prestigious as they may be, participation in the following events, awards and projects (even when participation results in an award) is not taken into account: The Venice Biennial, Documenta Kassel, Münster Skulptur Project, Manifesta, Berlin Biennial, Sao Paulo Biennial, Art Basel Statements, Art Basel Miami-Positions, Art Basel Unlimited

An artist is only considered part of the international art scene if they meet all selection criteria of one of the following trajectories:

In this study, to be considered part of the French art scene an artist must either be of French nationality, or have been born in France, or have lived in France for a period in excess of 15 years.

In addition to this, they will have had one of the three following trajectories:

-either, within a 7-year period:

  • - a solo exhibition in one of the galleries participating in the FIAC art fair,
  • -three solo exhibitions in prestigious French venues (see “selection criteria for French venues”) — two in France and the other either in France or a neighboring country;

-or, within a 7-year period, three solo exhibitions in renowned contemporary art museums — two in France and the other either in France or in a neighboring country;

-or, within a 4-year period, five solo exhibitions in prestigious institutional art venues (not commecial galleries) with at least three located in renowned French venues and the other two located either in France or a neighboring country.